Eric, Thanks for the help.
I've gotten farther.
This is what I have now:
''Tiddlers with the tag 'Journal', sorted by modified. Tiddler.text displayed 
on same line.''
<$list filter="[tag[Journal]sort[modified]]">
<$link><<currentTiddler>></$link><<currentTag>> <$transclude>

Unfortunately <<currentTag>> is not returning any string. I also want to 
display each line with "|" with leading/ending "|" like the TW2 tables. A 
matching heading for the table would be nice. I've been reading HTML 
documentation unsuccessfully.
What I'd like to achieve would look like

| Title      | Tags              | Text |
| 2017.08.08 | Journal projectid | Bla. |

(With the heading line boldest or otherwise set apart.)

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