A while back, I put together a tiddlywiki for a Forth language I'm writing 
as part of a retrocomputing project. 
 http://chitselb.com/files/tiddlypettil.html . This file is automatically 
generated each time I build the source, and most of the tiddlers are the 
Forth dictionary, with the tiddlywiki documentation for each forth word 
contained in its assembler source between "#if 0" / "#endif" to make the 
6502 assembler ignore it.   In the "About PETTIL" tiddler, I used the 
expedient of writing.

For Primitives, it would be useful to have a CPU register diagram 
indication of which registers and flags (really just N, V, Z, and C) are 
affected, and I can do it using tables, but this afternoon I did not 
succeed at coming up with a scheme where I can pass in a parameter (e.g. 
"*----**" to mean only A, Z and C are modified by this primitive) and 
display it in a chart.  Here are a few designs, not sure which one I'll 
wind up using yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

|''A*''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;X.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Y.|^- altered<br/>* result<br
/>. unchanged<br/> |
|''N -''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;V .&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;''Z *''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;C 
|Z implies A=0<br/>!Z implies A!=0 |<|

|N ''-''|V .|Z ''*''|C .|
|A ''-''|X .|Y .||

|^A|^''-'' |^N|^''-'' |
|^Y||^Z|^''*'' |
|altered|<|<| -|f
|useful|<|<| *|f
|unchanged|<|<| |f

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