I didn't like my last proposal. So here is a new one, that you can drag and 
drop import to your TW.

The main code looks like this:

\define val(tid x)
<$transclude tiddler=$tid$ index=$x$ >$x$ .</$transclude>
\define registers(A:"." X:"." Y:"." N:"." V:"." Z:"." C:".")
Registers affected

| <<val $N$ N>> | <<val $V$ V>> | <<val $Z$ Z>> | <<val $C$ C>>|
| <<val $A$ A>> | <<val $X$ X>> | <<val $Y$ Y>> | |


<<registers N:"*"  A:"*" Y:"*" C:"-">>

There are 2 loopup tiddlers in the json file. 

* ... useful formats
- ... altered formats

The "." is default fallback in the val transclude macro. 

If you have questions ... just ask

have fun!

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