Yes, that does sounds ideal.  Auto splitting attachments, plain and html 
text into into their own tiddlers so you could choose to import or discard, 
very cool.

After doing a bit of reading about deserializers being part of the TW core, 
it also sounds well above my current abilities. :-)

Thanks for the note, though, it proves I wasn't missing something obvious.

On 2/2/2018 3:53 AM, Jeremy Ruston wrote:

Hi furicle, 

It sounds like the best solution would be create a tiddler deserializer for 
the message/rfc822 format. A deserializer is a JavaScript function that 
generates tiddlers given a block of text and a MIME type. The 
message/rfc822 format can contain multiple blocks of content (eg, a message 
and the attached images) which would be converted into separate tiddlers.

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