To expand on that thought -- not just for serializers.

Someone -- anyone -- could clone the main TW and then have it work as an 
open-invitation incubator for rapid application development. People could 
add new branches which would be quickly pulled (though not merged) without 
quality control. Known individuals from the group could be given the 
permissions to add branches at any time (I'm assuming those permissions are 
in there, but haven't checked). The main rule, obviously, is no Spam. 
Contributors could make branches on top of existing branches so if person A 
makes some documentation, person B could "improve" it by building a branch 
on top. Then everyone could compare in real-time. If you wanted to refer 
someone to a new plugin you've developed, you could just point to a branch 
on the site. Branches that seem to be complete could possibly be PR-ed back 
into Jeremy's original TW site.


-- Mark

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 5:01:49 AM UTC-8, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Ciao Simon
>> Maybe we can gather all important information in one place?
> Right. Makes sense. Maybe on GitHub? Not sure if special account or part 
> of TW?
> GitHub is the only place I know that where lots of TW devs hang-out and 
> cross-connect. 
> Best wishes
> Josiah

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