Suppose I was trying to explain the TW to a complete beginner who is
*not* a programmer.

In the old TW, if I remember rightly, there was a tiddler called
'Title' - if you changed the content of the 'Title' tiddler to 'Joes
Blog' - then the TW would magically be named 'Joe Blog'.

This is easily to explain and demonstrate - but even this might be
perceived as difficult by a total beginner - taking the first step is
always the most difficult.

In TW5 'Title' is called '/$SiteTitle' - I can imagine very good
reasons for this - one might accidentally choose the word 'Title' and
change it with rather puzzling results (if you didn't know what you
were doing)

It wasn't exactly obvious to me that the tiddler '/$SiteTile' was the
thing to change. So this needs some explanation.

I want to make an explanation that starts with empty.html (the empty
TW from

I was thinking about introducing the TW as follows:

Step 1)

How to create a page. This is easy. Click on "+"
make the page and store it. I'll call it 'JoesPage'

Step 2)

Find the page we just created.

This is easy if I don't close the first page - it appears in the menu
under the Open Tab.

But If I close it it vanishes.

So click on the 'Recent' tab.

Is this *obvious* to a total beginner?

Step 3)

Make the page I just created appear in a 'Contents' tab
as in

How do I do this????

Step 4)

Create a page from a page.

This time we edit an existing page and add a link, which when clicked
will create the page

Step 5)

Show the amazing power of list transclusion (is this the correct term)

Step 5a) Create a page called ToDo

Add the single line

<<list-links "[tag[todo]]">>

Step 5b) Create any page and add the tab 'todo'

Step 5c) Go to the ToDo page and magically the page you just added

Step 6)

Talk about tags and filters. We two tags 'todo' and 'done'
we can change the ToDo page to

    <<list-links "[tag[todo]!tag[done]]">>

And make a 'CompletedTasks' page with

    <<list-links "[tag[todo]tag[done]]">>

Is this a good order? - Is there an event simpler ordering of concepts????

Now to the subject of "magic" (shadow tiddlers)

I want to introduce TW5 to a complete beginner who is not a programmer

Certain tiddlers (like '/$SiteTitle') have an immediate effect on the
site and are easy to understand. Others are far more difficult to 

So in what order would you introduce the shadow tiddlers - I'm assuming
'$/SiteTitle' is #1 - or is there an even easier and more direct tiddler
(say to change the background color)

How about tags with side effects. I discovered the tag 'TableOfContents'
caused the tiddler in question to appear in the 'Contents' tab
of the sidebar - What are the most important tags that one would introduce 
a beginner????



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