Thanks Jed. That is really helpful example and information.

Yes, I was hoping to use it to time a complex Tiddler render. But I can use 
the button for another case, so its still useful. 

I'll look at the fake dom route, though probably beyond my competence.

Best wishes

Jed Carty wrote:
> This works:
> <$button>
> <$action-setfield bob=<<now>>/>
> </$button>
> If you mean how to save it without the button than that means it has to 
> change a tiddler as a side effect of rendering which is one of the things 
> tiddlywiki avoids doing.
> If you are trying to use this to test how long it takes to render a 
> tiddler than there may be better ways to do it, like rendering it into a 
> fake dom node and using javascript to check the time difference.

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