Hi Thomas

I'm working with long sequences of complex regular expressions in one 
Tiddler. The issue is that sometimes I need to optimise one or two of them 
that are slowing render. But unless I can insert a timer that records the 
time at a given point I have no idea which of the regular expressions are 
inefficient. This makes development overly complicated. Without it I have 
to, one-by-one, test the regex. Fine if you have 3. Unworkable if you have 

My BEST scenario would be able to insert a timestamp before and after the 
regular expressions I think are the problem to isolate the issues (in 
render). It is NOT important if that saving of a Timestamp is itself an 
overhead, it can be adjusted for. And, in some ways I think it would be 
better saved to a separate State Tiddler rather than a field, if you grasp 
what I mean.

Please ask if anything is unclear or you need examples.

Best wishes

Thomas Elmiger wrote:
> What exactly are you trying to achieve?
> Maybe I have some interesting but complex macros from my Reminders for 
> ToDoNow. 
> Basically they render a list, if a given date (from a field) is in the 
> past. 

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