sorry if my question comes nooby but I am new to TiddlyWiki and 

I am looking for a solution of the following problem I am facing; I have 
two separate TiddlyWiki files, created and manages by TiddlyDesktop. Lets 
call them A.html and B.html located in the same local directory.

Now, I would like to link a tiddler from file B.html, let's say 
"HowToCookAnElephant" into file A.html.

What I did is, create a new tiddler in A.html "Cooking" with file_name 
"_canonical_uri" and "../B#HowToCookAnElephant" but it could not be loaded.

I played around a bit with the relative path but no chance to make it work.

I would appreciate any  help, ... 

Thanks ,
BR Daniel

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