Hey Joe, 

I'm also interested in this, and am in process of identifying key 
requirements, such as bibliographic citation and reference generator, and a 
structure to maintain order and sequentiality (assuming your "book" has 
some inherent order). 

Jeremy's text slicer edition does an interesting job using list fields to 
maintain order of a "sliced tiddler", but I find it a bit hard to navigate 
and rather difficult to maintain. One solution would be to modify the edit 
view so that the list field was treated more like the text field, so it 
wouldn't be so hard to manage.

If you pursue this, let's talk. I'm very interested in working with 
scholars and others who want to pursue these kinds of projects, and am 
always looking for collaborators.


On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 12:12:07 PM UTC-5, Mat wrote:
> Seems you're talking about a digital format as opposed to a book intended 
> for pretty print out on paper. That should not be overly difficult.
> "Tips for tag structures" - I suggest you just start and then correct 
> things as you go along.
> If I wrote a book I'd definitely look into this modification by Siniy-kit, 
> i.e a dragn'drop ToC:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/tiddlywiki/siniy-kit%7Csort:date/tiddlywiki/9yPVVMn5KJA/dHJNGbe6AgAJ
> I have not fooled around with it yet, just bookmarked if for 'a rainy day'.
> <:-)

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