What you want can be achieved with native TiddlyWiki. Of course there are 
variouse levels of automation and complexity that can be built, but if you 
create a single tiddler that lists all tiddlers and renders them in the 
single tiddler, you can "Open the resulting tiddler" in a new window and 
use the browser print feature, with a Print to PDF printer to create PDF 

The Editor tool bar Transclude option can help selecting tiddlers to 
include in a master tiddler, but I would use tags or fields to indicate 
chapter and sections and an advanced list macro to bring all the content 
into the single "book" tiddler, ready for reviewing and printing. Perhaps, 
For each draft save/copy  the tiddlywiki as a new file and continue editing.

I would use tiddler names to describe content, and have chapter titles 
etc... actually in the tiddler text.

I will give this some more thought, as ultimately I would like such a tool 
as well, however I am focusing on interactive work instructions rather than 

Happy to discuss further.


On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 2:53:45 AM UTC+11, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to mock up a book in TW - the input would be a TW
> the output a nicely formatted book in HTML (or PDF -- but I'll be happy 
> with
> HTML for now)
> To fix my ideas I'd like the output to look like
> Any tips of tag structures and so on to achieve this?
> Cheers
> /Joe

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