Mark S. wrote:
> But you said it runs every 5 minutes. So you kind of have to be aware that 
> you haven't seen an announcement in the last 5 minutes?

No. Not quite. Only be aware that I "saved" a TW and didn't see a message 
pop up a few minutes later (i.e. the 5-minute backup only runs when there 
is change). Its just another one of numerous messages the OS pops up I keep 
an eye on.

> Better to just get a warning from TW that something is amiss.

*But THAT is the point. It isn't in this case* :-).

... I guess behind my thinking is that (1) I trust TW; (2) I don't 
ultimately trust handing things over to the browser--mainly because of the 
complexities involved and the variations of platform etc. I'm very 
impressed with what people like PMario squeeze from it. But I don't want 
them lumbered with having to guarantee success 24/7 in a fluxing 
development context.

Far better to be REDUNDANTLY SAFE and use normal backup too. 

Best wishes

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