I tried it and it works for me

I've downloaded all the tiddlymap things.. hotzone, vis, topstoryview and 
tiddlymap itself

I made a folder "felixhayashi" inside plugins/tiddlywiki - this is 
different to what you did, maybe this solves the problem
Inside that folder I moved all the folders from the 4 plugins

The felixhayashi folder then looks like: 


The tiddlywiki.info file looks like

   "plugins": [

Here I put vis before tiddlymap, I don't know if that changes something, 
but I know that tiddlymap depends on vis, and if the order here has 
something to say (if!) then this would be right

Now I am running a tiddlywiki with the tiddlymap plugin working

If you follow these steps it should work for you
If it doesn't, then you should probably check where your tiddlywiki folder 
is, and if you've edited the correct tiddlywiki.info file


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