I have tried drag and drop method and it's working fine.

But I need to install tiddlymap this way.

How to install tiddlymap plugins using *Include the plugin in the 
TiddlyWiki plugin-folder (Tiddlymap Github source) *. I have tried 
following steps.

1. Downloaded tiddlywiki from 

2. Downloaded tiddlymap, topstoryview, vis.js plugin(copy in dist folder) 
and paste into tiddlywiki/plugins folder

3. Updated *tiddlywiki.info <http://tiddlywiki.info/>* file,

"plugins": [

4.  Using Command prompt run the following *tiddlywiki --server *and 
serving  *http://127.0.01:8080/ <>* . But the 
Tiddlymap plugin is not working.

I have attached my code for your reference 

Thank you!

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