I am going through and finding all my missing tiddlers. It's just a 
housekeeping thing - I don't know if it's worth it.

I have a table like this:
<$count filter="[all[missing]]"></$count> missing tiddlers.

<table class="SmallTable">
<td>Linked to by</td>
<$list filter="[all[missing]sort[date]random[10]]">
<$list filter="[list[Lists/Missing - Table with links]]" variable="mytag">
<td><$checkbox tag=<<mytag>>> <<mytag>>?</$checkbox></td>
<$link to={{!!title}}>
<$view field="title"/>

and a list of tags to use for the checkboxes: person abbreviation location 
org list tool role date

That gives a table with a random selection of 10 missing tiddlers, and 
checkboxes so I can easily set their tags so they show up in lists 
correctly (and this creates the tiddler at the same time).

What could I put in the last column to reveal which tiddler mentions the 
missing tiddler? I might want to go there and change it.

I tried: <<list-links-with-edit "[all[current]backlinks[]sort[title]]">>
But that returned nothing, because you can't backlink to something that 
doesn't exist.

Then I tried: <$list filter="[search[{{!!title}}]]"></$list>
But that returned a bunch of stuff I don't understand.

Any ideas?

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