Hi Surya,

Good news! I think I got my original approach to work:

<$set name="listfilter" value="""[tag[ToDo]][tag[ToDoNow]] 
<$set name="listfilter2" 

<ul class="te-list">
<$list filter=<<listfilter>> emptyMessage="<li class='todo-empty'><<telang 
<$view field="todo-deadline" format="date" template="YYYY-0MM-0DD"/>
<$list filter=<<listfilter2>> >




You'll probably want to make it look better. 

As it turned out, the documentation for "sameday" is wrong. It says to use 
a date like yyyymmdd but you actually appear to need the full nine digit 
date-stamp. OR, maybe you can get away with yyyymmdd IF you're living in 


-- Mark

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 1:15:25 PM UTC-7, Surya wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> That will probably work most of the time for you (you're fairly close to 
>> the international timeline, right?) But it might not quite work right if 
>> you stay up late or travel abroad.
> I live in Germany and need this task list only here in Germany.
> I don't need the time, only the date.
> It even doesn't matter, if a task is 1 day too late or 1 day too early 
> (maybe this could be the case sometimes, if for example UTC says it is now 
> the 9. April 9:00 am, but for me in Germany it is 8. April 23:45 pm).
> My hope: Because the described things do not matter to me, I could build a 
> solution, which is easier?
> Because it seems to me writing this could be really difficult for me 
> (means a lot of questions like "how to write this now and how that..." and 
> so on).
> Surya

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