I like this "zoomin" storyview idea too.

any final solution?

to achive this, I tried to do it in a direct way:

1. add one line in $:/core/modules/widgets/navigator.js
at the beginning of function NavigatorWidget.prototype.handleNavigateEvent

this is to close all other tiddlers before open new tiddler

2. change one line in $:/core/modules/startup/story.js
at function openStartupTiddlers 
var storyList = $tw.wiki.filterTiddlers(storyFilter);
var storyList =[];

this is to show only one tiddler specified at Location URL

3. add a tiddler $:/config/EmptyStoryMessage
like this:

this is to avoid closing the last tiddler to get a blank page

4. set $:/core/ui/ControlPanel/Settings/NavigationAddressBar
to "Include the target tiddler"
set $:/core/ui/ControlPanel/Settings/NavigationHistory
to "Update history"

this is to enable Previous & Next navigation using explorer button.

I think these steps are easy.
but any simpler better idea?

obviously direct change core tiddler is not encouraged here...

see here:



[tw] Single Tiddler storyview?

TheDiveO Fri, 19 Jan 2018 08:59:27 -0800

I'm looking for a single tiddler storyview and I'm aware of the "zoomin" 
storyview. I've experimented with the zoomin storyview, but I see some 
obstacles to my particular usecase. Which is a TW used as a video library 
and player single-HTML app. I could have opted for Angular(JS), but then I 
really endore the TW core and modularity.

Alas, the obstacles:

   1. Irritating animation -- is there some way to disable it short of 
   rewriting the module? Please forgive me in case I've missed a configuration 
   setting already there.
   2. Block closing the last storyview tiddler (or reopen the start 
   tiddler); there should be always a tiddler for my users to interact with, 
   kind of a home tiddler.
   3. Only render the topmost and thus visible tiddler. As a user navigates 
   through the video library watching videos, the stack may contain several 
   rendered (invisible) tiddlers with video players started and consuming many 
   resources. Would it be possible to write a new single storyview to render 
   only the topmost tiddler and discard any previously visible tiddler?

Best regards,

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