@TheDiveO wrote:

   1. Irritating animation -- is there some way to disable it short of 
>    rewriting the module? Please forgive me in case I've missed a 
> configuration 
>    setting already there.
>    2. Block closing the last storyview tiddler (or reopen the start 
>    tiddler); there should be always a tiddler for my users to interact 
> with, 
>    kind of a home tiddler.
>    3. Only render the topmost and thus visible tiddler. As a user 
> navigates 
>    through the video library watching videos, the stack may contain 
> several 
>    rendered (invisible) tiddlers with video players started and consuming 
> many 
>    resources. Would it be possible to write a new single storyview to 
> render 
>    only the topmost tiddler and discard any previously visible tiddler?

That sounds like a *very* sensible use case for everything mobile. Maybe it 
should even be part of the core. Do you think you could make a PR for this?
Thank you.


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