I can only imagine this would be because your computer is nearing a full 
system disk. It healthy in most systems to have more than 20% free.

Otherwise if there are a lot of backup file in the folder at most it would 
effect the backup process which would take place during save not at other 

There are other conditions like RAM and Windows and Tabs open in browsers, 
and other applications you run simultaneously.

If you can explain what conditions your  computer is in when you experience 
some slowness in tiddlywiki, I would be happy to provide additional 


On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 8:09:04 AM UTC+10, Robin wrote:
> Don't ask me why but if I use tiddlydesktop
> And the backupfolder gets too big.
> It affects my performance too
> When I delete most of them it resolves itself.

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