I'm not so skilled. But I have 60+ plugins and special macros in a normal 
file TW without problems. I add plugins & then DISABLE them. 

I use PMario's Bundler to create relevant sets of them (like "editor"; 
"base" & "that screenplay set")

I drag & drop to other wiki as needed.

On Thursday, 17 May 2018 16:01:58 UTC+2, Matthew Lauber wrote:
> Anyone have experience creating a local plugin library?  I've got a bunch 
> of plugins for tools I use, that I don't really want to toss up on a 
> webserver somewhere.  And I've got a bunch of wikis that need to share 
> them.  I'd like a simple way for me to make sure that any given wiki has 
> the most recent version of the plugin, and a plugin library seems to make 
> the most sense.  
> Anyone have experience building/hosting/referencing a plugin library 
> that's running on localhost?  

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