First of all: I'm a newby in TiddlyWiki, so please be patient if I 
misunderstood something.

Is it possible to add a "hook" to drag-n-droping tiddler URL? I would like 
to add a reference (the original URL) to the Tiddy where the tiddler is 
copied from, it would be a compliment to the author. For example I 
copied http://tobibeer.github.io/tb5/#Handling%20And%20Naming%20Tiddlers to 
my wiki (https://bimlas.gitlab.io/#Handling%20And%20Naming%20Tiddlers) but 
there are no references to Tobias; my visitor could think that I wrote this 

I imagine the "hook" as:

   - Add the URL as "origin" field to the tiddler
   - Modify the presentation of tiddlers to list this field on above/bellow 
   the content

Is it possible? Or are there exist solution for this?

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