On Friday, August 10, 2018 at 2:49:54 PM UTC+2, bimlas wrote:
> Just found a better way:
> Edit $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/body instead of $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate and 
> put the code above/bellow the transclude block.
> Sorry for writing often, but I'm so excited about TiddlyWiki! It's the 
> most hackable "document manager" I've ever seen (besides Vim). The syntax 
> is a bit weird for first but I see that it's not as bad as I thought. :)


It should be possible, to add new elements to the ViewTemplate, without 
modifying the core tiddlers. 

The tiddler is built dynamically using the: $:/tags/ViewTemplate 
<https://tiddlywiki.com/#%24%3A%2Ftags%2FViewTemplate> tag. So if you tag 
any tiddler eg: myElement with this tag, it will be automatically added to 
the "bottom" of the tiddler. 

The order of a dynamically create list can be controlled with the tiddler 

Eg: If you want, that myElement is shown below the title, you can add a 
list-after field to myElement, containing the value: 

If you want to show it below the body use the value: 
$:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/body instead. 

The existing list can be seen, if you open the $:/tags/ViewTemplate 
<https://tiddlywiki.com/#%24%3A%2Ftags%2FViewTemplate> tiddler. ... 

The advantage of using the list-before and list-after fields with myElement 
is, that you don't need to modify the existing core tiddlers. .. So if the 
core is updated, you will also get the new updates. ... 

If you directly modify the core tiddlers, your modifications will always 

I did add a myElement.json file, to play with, which you can download and 
drag & drop import to your TW. 

have fun!

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