Ciao Mat & Mark S.

As far as I understand TW code: Mark's solution, on first look, is elegant 
and economical.

It changes the context in which the regex would run so that the field is 
already prepped into lines, one item per line. This makes the regex 
appropriately easy. 

FYI to go the route of having to regex the content of a field without it 
being split down into individual appropriate lines first could involve 
unneeded Regex Judo. And maybe needing more than one regex. The code would 
get complexer too as "[[...]]" can't be put directly in the regex in TW. 
You'd have to do it through a variable ( last example). And 
since "[character class]" is reserved in regex you'd also have to escape 
square brackets "[\[\]]". 

Worth noting Mark S. also has a PR on Github at for an additional "regexps" 

Best wishes

On Friday, 10 August 2018 02:21:06 UTC+2, Mat wrote:
> Mark! I need to study your creation more but a first couple of tests look 
> extremely promising, wow! :-D
> Good spotting with the errors too! Will look closer tomorrow.
> <:-)

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