I'm sure that this must be an FAQ but I couldn't find an answer!

When I first created my journal wiki, I used the tiddlywiki node.js tool 
version 5.1.15.

I have since upgraded using 'npm update' and I am now running the 5.1.17 
version of the server. 

However, In the wiki control panel, for my server-based wiki, it reports 
version 5.1.15 which I assume means that the code is still from the 
original version. 

I used the *tiddlywiki* command tool to export my wiki as a single file 
wiki 'index.html' and used the update tool to upgrade to 5.1.17. No 

I saved the result as upgrade.html.

My question is, how do I export the tiddlers from *upgrade.html *back into 
my server-based wiki?


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