You can create tags like Python-String and Ruby-String, and then use the 
caption field to just contain "String". The TOC macros will use the caption 
field if available.

-- Mark

On Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 2:17:46 PM UTC-7, bimlas wrote:
> For example in my developer knowledge base I would like to use the 
> `String` tag for my note about string related functions, but it has 
> different meanings:
>    - Python
>       - String
>          - Print Python string [tags: Python, String]
>          - Integer from string [tags: Python, String]
>          - ...
>       - Ruby
>       - String
>          - Uppercase [Ruby, String]
>          - Lowercase [Ruby, String]
>          - ...
> Is it possible arrange the table of contents based on all tags?
> I apologize for the misty formulation, I'm not as good at English as I 
> should to be.

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