On Friday, March 8, 2019 at 1:24:57 AM UTC+1, TonyM wrote:

> Is there a way to make a caching operation available to super users of 
> TiddlyWiki? 

They are very low level and for a specialized purpose. ... eg: backlink 
detection requires the function to create a parse-tree for the tiddler. 
Then it checks if there is a "link to xxx". It takes the xxx and stores it 
into an array, that's much easier to check. ... So every lookup for xxx 
just uses that array, which is much faster. 

The same is done with alias-backlinks. ... but the detection phase uses a 
completely different algorithm, while the mechanism is the same. 

I have generated a tool to this thousands of post Codes against a 
> businesses service areas, currently they are dumped into a large data 
> tiddler. I do not mind that it needs a manual refresh but wondering if 
> there could be some form of generic caching process we could use?

I think what you want here is a database like index and not a cache as 
described earlier. 


With TW we use a lot of naming conventions. eg: $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/xxx 
as seen in the TW-Explorer 
<https://tiddlywiki.com/#%24%3A%2Fcore%2Fui%2FMoreSideBar%2FExplorer>. The 
different tiddlers are also tagged $:/tags/ViewTemplate. ... 

To check if a tiddler is tagged that way, we need to check every tiddler in 
the system. Both shadow and "real" tiddlers. ... The more tiddlers, the 
more work to do.

The above example gives us 2 ways to build indices. 

 1) use the "prefix" $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate/ and store the "nodes" below 
 2) create a tag-based index for every tag. 

A possible index structure, that I have in mind here is called radix-trie 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trie>. Since there is only 1 "main rule" in 
TW. "The title has to be unique" imo this would be a very good fit. ... 
Sure we still have "shadow" tiddlers and "real -> system + tiddlers". ... 

----------------- Back to your post codes. OT

I think this mechanism could also handle them well... How does your 
"data-set" look like?

----------------- end OT

I was thinking about indexing aliases for quite some time now. ... 

have fun!

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