Josiah pointed (PM) me to this post. 

On Monday, March 25, 2019 at 5:23:51 PM UTC+1, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> One thing I do not understand in Commander is why you chose that saved 
> filters are tagged $:/tags/Commander/Filter rather than going for the 
> existing and well functioning *$:/tags/Filter*.

I think it's a valid desire for a plugin author to keep the stuff separated 
at the moment. ... I think the Version number is 0.0.xx which is ALPHA ... 

So nothing is carved in stone. Everything is topic to be changed. ... 
Please keep this in mind ;)

> I can't see the advantage. 
> *Can you you tell me the advantage because I can't see it!*

IMO it's just caution. He doesn't want to mess things up atm. ... 

> And it *causes problems* with important plugins like PMario's Bundler 
> which rely on the standard system to work. It makes them difficult to 
> integrate into Commander.

IMO that's a good point and the reason why I respond here too. 

With Bundler I wanted to reuse as many core functions as possible. I try to 
avoid code duplication. ... 


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