This is amazing! One use case as discussed in another thread could be to 
dynamically create a selection of tiddlers as plugin, work with them 
(sandbox) and then delete all modified tiddlers (restore original) This 
will let us implement kind of sandboxing!

In this way there is no need to have shadow tiddlers start with $:/plugins 
they can be ordinary tiddlers have been packed using a tool like Tinka!


On Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 1:13:52 AM UTC+4:30, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> I’m pretty excited to announce that if all goes well, one of the new 
> features for v5.1.22 will be the ability to dynamically load/unload plugins 
> without needing to refresh the page. 
> The catch is that this only works for plugins that do not contain any 
> JavaScript modules. For plugins that do contain JS modules, the behaviour 
> is the same as at present, with a warning message advising the user to 
> reload the page. The reason for this restriction is to avoid corruption due 
> to attempting to swap a module that is already running. Nonetheless, 
> there’s a huge and useful set of plugins that do not contain JS modules, 
> including all themes and languages. 
> It’s a work in progress, and not yet merged into the prerelease: 
> Just to be clear, this means that with the proviso above, users will be 
> able to: 
> * Add new plugins from the plugin library without reloading 
> * Add new plugins via drag and drop without reloading 
> * Delete unneeded plugins without reloading 
> * Eventually, to use tools like Tinka to package plugins without requiring 
> a reload to test 
> There’s still a fair bit to do: 
> * Indicate in the plugin library which plugins will require a reload 
> * More testing 
> * Documentation 
> Questions and comments welcome. 
> Best wishes 
> Jeremy. 

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