As part of a plugin I'm working on, I am trying to group a variety of 
tiddlers by one or more categories.  In order to do this, I added a 
category field, and populated it as a list field.  Then, to generate a list 
of all the items in my plugin, by category, I did 

<$list filter="[tag[MyPlugin]each:list-item[category]sort[]]" 
<$link to<<Category>><<Category>></$link>
<$list filter="[all[tiddler+shadows]<Category>listed[category]]">

This worked great in development, but once I packaged the plugin, none of 
the items in my categories were showing up.  After some digging, I 
determined this is because the `listed` operator uses findListingsOfTiddler 
which in turn, uses .each rather than .eachTiddlerPlusShadows.  I'm not 
sure the correct fix for this.  For my own purposes, I can override 
`findListingOfTiddler, and it doesn't seem to have negative effects.  But 
I'm not sure that solution would be safe in all situations.  

Is this an actual bug in Tiddlywiki?  Is there another way to achieve what 
I'm trying to achieve?  I've opened a ticket 
<>, but I'm not sure 
how what the "correct" way to fix it would be.

Matt Lauber

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