I just want to bounce this thought to hear if it makes sense:

The idea is about how to simplify the syntax, or at least make it easier to 

A user currently has to learn the distinction between

<<macrocall>> and {{transclusion}}

The two are both simplified expressions for underlying widgets.

And both are basically for text substitution!

...so just maybe they could both use the *same* format, i.e 

<<macrocall>> and <<transclusion>>

Of course, this is problematic in that the parser would not know...: 

   1. ...if the argument is a macro title or a tiddler title
   2. ...or even a <<macro with arguments>> or a <<title with spaces>>

But, regarding the first: Comparable to how we accept tags as tiddler titles 
<http://mptw.tiddlyspot.com/#%5B%5BTagglyTagging%20History%5D%5D>, IMO it 
would be pretty natural to *not* make a distinction between macro titles 
and tiddler titles. In fact, tiddler philosophy applies pretty well also 
for macros... (Actually, if we pretend for a second that macros are *code 
functions*, I think tiddler philosophy and "function philosophy" are also 
pretty similar in objective -i.e to segregate and split out parts in code 
to make them manageable and reusable).

Problem 2 above is of course just a matter of syntactic sugar.

One could imagine this syntax

((mymacro(arguments list))) ...i.e a macrocall

((tiddlertitle())) or ((spaced tiddler title())) ...i.e transclusions

The round parentheses is just one imaginable example. It does have the 
niceity that picks up on the existing macro def parentheses, i.e in \define 
mymacro*(*parameter list*)*

The syntax is also interesting because it brings further similarity with 
macrocalls when we consider *transclusion with templates*! I.e


Again, tiddlers and macros are interchangeable. (Which btw, means core 
macros should probably be suffixed like core tiddlers to not have users 
accidentally overwrite them.)



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