twjam5beta looks sophisticated and feature rich, Good work, Please also 
consider the basic or entry level user.

I will monitor this, thanks. I also found the "official Plugin" 
*Auto-download modified tiddlers*

*This plugin causes TiddlyWiki to continuously download (as a JSON file) 
the contents of any tiddler that is manually changed by any of several 

   - *Confirming an edit*
   - *Deleting tiddlers*
   - *Imports*
   - *Renames/relinks*
   - *Optionally, typing in draft tiddlers can trigger a downloa*d

Although I have not tested it yet.


On Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 8:16:02 PM UTC+11, WiM wrote:
> Tony,
> maybe you can look at
> twjam5beta at tiddlyspot
> I 'm working on a solution about versioning thtat might address your 
> challeng as well.
> kr
> wjam

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