An additional note:  dpkg-deb doesn't require a Debian-based machine in 
order to run, so it's pretty straightforward to generate DEBs on a Red 
Hat machine as part of an automated build procedure.  I do this for 
VirtualGL and the other projects I maintain.

On 6/17/13 1:37 PM, Robert Goley wrote:
> I worked up some basic Debian/Ubuntu packaging files for the binary
> cross compatible builds.  Mine are only for the 64 bit release but it is
> only minor changes for using them with the 32 bit release.  Had
> discussed Debian packaging with Brian previously so I wanted to share
> these with the group in case others are interested in using packages
> instead of the tarballs.
> To use them, extract the zip I provided.  Then extract the binary
> tarball into the tigervnc subdirectory.  CD into the tigervnc
> subdirectory and then run "../".  CD back one directory and
> then run "dpkg-deb -b tigervnc  tigervnc-1.2.90.deb" to generate the
> package.  Can easily be installed with "dpkg -i" or added to your custom
> repositories.

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