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> I don't follow you here.  By "normal" do you mean foregoing the advanced
> features of the viewer that depend on the patched fltk and dynamically
> linking against the distribution supplied libfltk.so?  Short of replacing
> the system libfltk.so, I don't see a reasonable way to build a dynamically
> linked viewer with all the bells and whistles.

I've been suffering from a cold so my ramblings might be more
incoherent than usual. :)

By "normal" I mean dynamical linking. I.e. the way a distribution would
build things if they would include it themselves.

For a user that needs to replace a system libfltk.so that could pose
problems, yes. It is solvable through various means though. But I see
that as an exception, not the rule, for a multitude of reasons. That's
why I've always made the sure we can build against a standard FLTK. I
also hope if will soon be a solved problem (see below).

> I think that most people that have chosen to incorporate the patched fltk
> would link it statically, and in order to make anything portable
> (particularly for platforms that don't natively have fltk) you pretty much
> have to.  I don't have any dogmatic objections to building against the
> patched fltk, I think the features are well worth the overhead.  It's
> unfortunate that Fltk has not accepted so many of these patches after all
> this time and I'm not sure what needs to happen before they will.

Their problem is a lack of resources. Fortunately I have been given
commit rights to FLTK so I'm trying to get everything upstream as
quickly as I can. My hope is that by the time we make our next release
we can depend on an unpatched FLTK.

> So here's my suggestion:
> Add a 'contrib' directory to the trunk and in it keep a copy of not only
> the most current build recipes, but also distribution-specific packaging
> scripts, patches, etc.  I know that there is already a buildscripts
> directory, we could alternatively update that but I would like to see it
> under the trunk for packaging convenience.  This at least archives the
> patches that are necessary to build on certain platforms and provides some
> additional templates for people that wish to build from source.  I'm OK
> with taking responsibility for this if no one objects.

Sounds good.

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