On 6/26/14 2:54 PM, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> Sourceforge mailing list management is horrible. It's only made
> tolerable by having other sites handle the archive. Google on the other
> hand has a very beautiful integration of web and email. So moving there
> is a massive plus in my book.
> As for other things; yes there might be a point to keeping them on
> sourceforge. I'm worried about confusion though. We probably won't nuke
> everything off the sourceforge servers that we've moved elsewhere. And
> if we keep some things, then people might follow the links off that and
> believe the stale data they find is what's current.
> (As for just 2 people working on TigerVNC, that is something I consider
> a massive problem and something I hope that a move to github will at
> least allow some improvement. The improved collaboration was not meant
> for me and Brian, but for new people.)

I don't know about "horrible".  I mean, what does a mailing list have to 
do other than send mail?  :)  At the very least, it's no more horrible 
than the listservs that most other projects use.  I agree that Google is 
better.  But like you point out, fragmentation is also going to lead to 
confusion.  Probably a lot of these problems could be solved by having a 
strong standalone web site that acts as a portal to the project and 
provides links to the various resources.

As far as getting new developers, my personal take on it is that there 
just aren't that many developers who know anything about these types of 
solutions, particularly not to the point of being able to intelligently 
contribute to them, particularly not when the solution requires a 
complex build procedure like TigerVNC does.  Moving to GitHub won't 
hurt, but I don't think it's going to magically enable collaboration, 

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