I've been looking at this a bit recently.
Pictures here: http://jks.com

I run the 5370 firmware on an m6800 emulator written in C running on a Linux 
Reads and writes to I/O space are caught and executed on the 5370 hardware via 
an interface board hooked up to the m6800 processor bus.

This interface board is a cheap USB to 32-bit parallel adapter card (Dimax 
I used an evaluation board for the Analog Devices ADuM4160 USB power/signal 
isolator chip.

The next step is to move everything to a microcontroller (e.g. SAM7X) on a card 
that replaces the processor board completely.
As has been mentioned you can do all sorts of crazy, and perhaps useful, stuff 
at this point.


I have a question about the dead time of the 5370.
Can it be eliminated with a fast enough processor, buffering, interface, etc. 
or is it intrinsic to the measurement hardware itself?

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