> If I'm right, that's another broken egg in the frequency reference basket.

I read the paper, but I could use an expert ruling from the list:

What does this actually mean for my Spectracom 8170 and Spectracom 8164, i.e. the twins? The latter I frankly don't use much (I'm early in the time-nuts disease progression), but the 8170 I want to continue to rely on, at least to set itself. A little phase noise I can tolerate. But the recent transmission-format experiments coincided (to a first approximation) with the recent coronal mass ejection that knocked the 8170 on its ass for most of a week, so my observations are not conclusive.

The circuit (still a-building) to set my SWCC clock will take the 1PPS edge, but the speed of the solenoid, not to mention the time constant of the current-loop, I'm sure vastly outweighs this new source of error. Right? Will the strip-chart recorder on the 8164 provide a new source of amusement, as it tries to plot the 180-degree phase changes every second?

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