On 01/28/2016 04:58 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
I've not been following this discussion too closely, but were the nav
solutions from the GPS steady and continuous during the event (that is,
was just a time discontinuity).  I'm guessing that since the problem was
only in the "how to convert from GPS to UTC" parameters that the nav
solution was steady.


Nav solutions were fine. Time solutions were fine. It was just a UTC offset 
problem (and then only for some receivers).

Quite a lot of receivers it turns out.

The way it works, many receivers could go lucky through the events.

And this brings up an interesting question. On receivers that provide a
1pps, do they bring out the 1pps on GPS time or on UTC time.  I suspect
some are GPS and some are UTC.

Almost all timing receivers allow you to choose between GPS time and UTC. It's 
in the manual. The TBolt and Z38xx-series and 58503-series make it really easy 
to switch from one to the other.

I find that most use in telecom and broadcast is to set them for UTC.

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