First, let me say that as a novice time-nut using a Prologix GPIB-Ethernet 
controller and TimeLab for the first time...


I really am blown away by this... I have never before been able to do this sort 
of thing and I am just amazed.

As I am no expert and just starting out, I would surely appreciate some "top 
tips" on what to do and what not to do.

1) How to set up the HP5335A counter for a good measurement.  I am still 
slogging through the Operation Manual and it is slow going.  I think I 
understand what some of the knobs, buttons, and switches do, but I would 
benefit from knowing how to set it up for frequency measurements as well as 
comparisons between the A and B input.

2) Thanks to Nick Sayer, I've a very good GPS Disciplined OCXO, and want to be 
sure that I am using it properly when connected to the HP5335A.  I had assumed 
that I would want that as the B input, but now I am thinking I should run it 
into the back of the counter for the Time Base IN (provided that the signal 
meets the requirements).  Benefits of this approach?

3) A quick lesson in TimeLab so that I can create graphs that make sense and 
are what the experts here on the list are accustomed to seeing.  No reason to 
spend days at a measurement if the result is undecipherable.

Any more places I should spend money to insure quality measurements and optimum 
fun?  I've nearly tapped out the budget for this quarter by getting the 
GPIB-Ethernet, but it is well worth every penny.  I knew such a thing was 
possible, but had never dreamed that with just two pieces of equipment and some 
(very nice) free software, I would be up and running in 5 minutes.

A huge thank you to the list for existing; I may not follow every discussion 
that floats by, but with every message brings a new opportunity to learn 

Thanks again, and I surely appreciate the assistance!  Cheers!

        -Randal R.
                (at CubeCentral)

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