I'm not familiar with your OCXO but I found one shown on 'theBay' (item  
261920574725) and it appeared to have an option for 'mounting screws', four of 
them, on the bottom.  Interestingly, the 'link' to the datasheet for that unit 
did not show threads for mounting screws.

If your unit has that option, I would suggest placing four long screws, 
mounting the item in a vise, use a small torch (I've used a hand held propane 
torch turned down very low to open a number of units from 5061A's) around the 
bottom of the case while gripping the top with an appropriate sized Channel 
Lock plier and lifting off the top.

If you can repair the OCXO, it should be easy to reassemble the unit with 

TheBay unit looks like it has a screw cover (which likely has a rubber gasket) 
for mechanical adjustment of the frequency.  I'd remove that before applying 
the torch. :^).

If you get it open, I'd love to see some pictures of the insides.

Good luck and hope this helps.


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I bought an Isotemp OCXO82-59 with a frequency of 10 MHz for a $3 at the MIT 
flea market.
As expected it was dead.   It heats up as expected but looking at the 
output with a scope there
is nothing.   However looking at the output with a spectrum analyzer I 
can see a faint 10 MHz
signal.   It seems that the oscillator is running but the output 
circuitry is dead.   Reasonable

Anyway, has anyone had any luck unsoldering the tin case without destroying it?


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