It might be easier to go the other away around...  take a GPS receiver with a 
programmable output frequency and set it to produce 32768 KHz.   The Venus 
timing receivers can produce accurate output frequencies (but with a fair 
amount of jitter, which would be irrelevant to a clock display).   

I think that the Venus timing receivers use a factional N divisor scheme that 
can produce exactly 32768 Hz from the 120 MHz processor clock.  Other receivers 
with programmable outputs may or may not be able to.   Nick Sayer has a Venus 
timing module for around $40   The $6 NavSpark Mini receivers also use a Venus 
chip with a programmable output, but I don't know if their frequency generator 
is as fancy as the timing receiver.  I'd check mine, but my frequency counters 
are all tied up for quite a while.
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