This is my first post to the community I learned so much from. Just wanted to 
share -- I managed to succesfully install today the GPScon windows application 
on a micro computer Raspberry Pi 3 model B. CPU utilisation is 2% - a perfect 
overall result.
I used an FTDI RS232 USB dongle to connect Z3805A/58503B to the Pi. First I 
installed on the Pi a Russian commercial I686 emulation software called ExaGear 
Desktop by Eltechs.com ($30). It provides a Debian-8 Intel environment on the 
Arm CPU. Next move was to (sudo apt-get) install wine Windows XP emulator and 
symlink therein com1 as /dev/ttyUSB0 - to enable the usb dongle to be seen by 
Wine as com1.
Then I installed my copy of GPScon from 2013, which turned out to work pretty 
Hope this post was usefull. In case of interest I would exact steps to make 
this working.

Best regards
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