The Trimble Thunderbolts are used in many Radio Paging Systems to synchronize 
their transmitters in simulcast mode. Systems that are using the models 
affected by the 1024 week epoch are currently off the air or functioning 
poorly. This is a very serious issue because many doctors and nurses as well as 
first responders rely on their pagers for emergency notification.

Trimble’s only distributor, Novotech, did not know about it and had no 
inventory of the new replacement E series Thunderbolt GPS Receivers. Trimble 
says they are shipping new units from their overseas factory in about 2 weeks — 
thats the best they can offer!  

I read here on the Time Nuts messages that some are considering: "some in-line 
device that re-writes the serial data as it comes out of the Thunderbolt”

Does anyone plan to do this? Or does anyone have any ideas for a short-term 

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

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