I have had a LOT of requests for the Windows version of the latest version 
(v6.0 Beta) of Lady Heather for Windows.   Unfortunately aggressive blocking of 
.exe files by ISPs makes it very hard to email the .exe file (even password 
protected .zip files get blocked).  Also very few Windows users seem to be able 
to compile the code.

I've put a copy of the Windows .exe and documentation comments on EEVBLOG:

This is just the .exe  To use it you will need to have v5.0 installed and 
working (from ke5fx.com) and replace the v5.0 heather.exe file with this one 
(backup your old .exe first).

This version supports LOTs of new devices (including TruePosition, PRS10, X72, 
and SA22.c devices) and has a lot of new features.  Check the heather.txt file 
for the command line options for selecting your device type and the new 
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