Just a reminder, as it came from the factory, this unit has a week rollover
issue unless it has been upgraded.  Check out the TN archives and Google
for the upgrade fix suggestions. (mine was in a production installation
when the rollover occurred, and the resulting pain seems to be forever
etched in my mind.)


On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 7:52 PM, Bob Martin <> wrote:

> We had a brief power outage a few days ago.
> My TS2100 didn't power up afterwards. Fuses are fine, AC power delivered
> to power supply, which is producing nothing. Nothing looks/smells fried on
> the power supply.
> Couldn't find data on what the power supply output voltages should be; not
> in the meagre documentation, .
> I'd appreciate help from someone with a TS2100 while I look for faults in
> this little switching power supply. Looks like three voltages, +5 and what
> else? Is this a more or less standard supply?
> Appreciate any help I can get!
> Bob K6RTM
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