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> Now I'm getting interested in this.  My concept is to take the 60 Hz in, do
> reasonable
> HW filtering to knock off the HF junk that commonly rides on the sinewave,
> then use
> an RC quadrature phase splitter to yield I & Q signals.  Then sample at
> 1PPS with
> my Rb's PPS as the sample trigger,  and capture the result with a 2-channel
> data
> acquisition gadget of some sort.  It's that last item that's holding me
> back.

Just get a USB soundcard. feed the left channel with the 50/60Hz
from your mains, and the right channel with some signal between
about 1kHz and 10kHz that you somehow derived from your frequency
standard, then you can do the rest in software on your PC. If you
do not want to code, you can use GnuRadio and use their Labview
like point-and-click interface (yes, GnuRadio can be used for more
than just to look for long lost satellites with oversized antennas ;-).
This way you don't even need a 90° hybrid or anything similarly
temperature sensitive.

                        Attila Kinali

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