I don't use what LH says about temperature. I compare the 10 MHz output to
something else. With two Tbolts sitting about 2 feet apart on my bench,
both fed from the same antenna, both with factory settings, when the heat
kicks on, I see a change in the difference between the two. Comparing a
Tbolt to another, different GPSDO, the effect is even greater. Next step is
to compare the Tbolt to a rubidium source that has been adjusted to match
the Tbolt as closely as possible at a stable temperature. I suppose you
could say the the Tbolt stays *locked* to GPS since the difference never
gets to 100 nS, meaning they are always within 1 Hz. What I usually see
when comparing the Tbolt to another, different model GPSDO is that the time
difference between the two 10 MHz signals slips at a fairly constant rate,
going from zero past 100 nS, and then through zero, over and over. I also
tried comparing the 1 PPS and the time jumped around quite a bit. Since I
plan to actually use 10 MHz instead of 1 PPS, I decided to quit looking at
1 PPS.
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