SS is signal strength.  CN is carrier to noise ratio.   They basically indicate 
the same thing, but their scale may be different.   You can't compare the 
absolute magnitude of the values from different types  of receivers,  only do 
relative comparisons.   Other receivers can report dBc, etc.  And Trimble 
devices can report AMU (amplitude measurement units).  Some Trimble devices 
don't support dBc readings.  By switching a Tbolt between AMU and dBc, I worked 
out a table that Lady Heather uses to convert AMU to dBc to that those devices 
can display the more common dBc values.  On the Trimble devices you set the 
signal level mask in AMUs.


> the Satellite Status area has a header of SS on the Z3801A and C/N on  the KS
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