On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 09:17:10AM +0000, Bright Zhao wrote:

> I  noticed th default reconnect for the first time is 5s, if failed the
> timer will be increase, I would like to know if this timer can be adjusted?

No, this cannot be adjusted.

> The Max Timeout you mentioned seems not exactly the one, from the
> description below, it looks to me it is the total time for connect to be
>  re-established, if not it trying other tinc daemon? Different tinc deamons
> have nothing related to each other, why try other daemon?

Timeouts are handled separately for each ConnectTo. So if you have
multiple ConnectTo's, they will all be tried in parallel, and each has
its own timeout that starts at 5 seconds, gets incremented by 5 every
time it fails, but it will never increase it beyond MaxTimeout.

So if you have a connection to A that is failing, and after a while the
timeout for it is 300 seconds, and if a working connection to B
suddenly fails, then tinc will try to reconnect to B after 5 seconds.

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