Hi all.

i try to write a lua binding for tcc. To work out propperly, the tcc lib
needs to be reentrant.

I took a look into the sources and found some comments (XXX:...) and
started with removing

the static var tcc_state. As a result allmost all lib functions needs a
1st parameter of

type TCCState*. I did this in my own local branch and tcc is still
running :).

But this is a really HUGE change. in addition most of the local vars in
tccpp, tccgen, ... needs

to be moved to TCCState. I can do that but at some points i will have
some questions and i

can only test on windows and probably on linux.

My 1st question is: Are you interested in these changes or should i do
this locally?

I would like to this together with you.



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