Well, this is not a reference, per se, but last night we were watching
Whose Line is this Anyway (or something like that, hosted by Drew Carey--
a take off on a British show with a similar name that ran on the comedy
cable network)--the creativity of the individuals was INCREDIBLE!
I think it's supposed to seem like they are doing it off the top of their
heads (improv), but I doubt it--like everything else on TV it has to look
good so I suspect there is some practice and prompting that goes on.

But for some comic relief in class, it would be a great idea to tape
a few segments--in fact I'd be surprised if a relatively quick lit 
search wouldn't come up with some items relating creativity to comedy.


PS Congrats! I can still remember that relief!!!

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Dawn Blasko wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> In the fall I am teaching a new course on the psychology of creativity. I
> want to include
> some interesting biographical pieces of individuals considered highly
> creative in their fields. It's easy to get info on creative people in the
> arts and Gardner's books have been helpful with some political and
> scientific figures. I'd like to find something in a technical field, such
> as computer science or engineering. 
> Any ideas would be appreciated!
> Dawn
> PS recently got the official thumbs up on tenure and promotion-what a relief!
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